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Earth Electric Scooter

Earth Electric Scooter
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Product Code: Earth Electric Scooter

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Product Description

EARTH E-Scooter is compact and lightweight giving you the freedom to go anywhere while having FUN doing it.

Our Scooter has the latest electronic braking system, an 8-inch pneumatic tire in the front and a solid rear tire.

EARTH electric scooter is great for flat level ground with small to medium gradient hills in city and urban areas.


  • Compact & lightweight design gives you the flexibility to fold and unfold in 3 seconds.
  • Brushless 36V350W motor with high efficiency takes you further on each ride.
  • Latest 36V5.2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack gives you around 10~20km per charge. **
  • Variable Speed 0~28km Maximum Speed **
  • Front and Rear LED lights
  • LED Display panel ( 3 Level Mode )
  • Electronic Front Brake and Rear Foot Brake.
  • Rear Solid Tire and Front Suspension
  • 42V charger
  • Maximum Load Weight 80kg
  • Scooter Weight 10kg

** will depend on total weight, terrain, speed etc....

Scooter are not to be used in wet or heavy rain.

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