EARTH Electric Bikes - the best electric bicycle in Australia

EARTH electric bikes were created to provide a green and reliable alternative to other means of transportation. Every ebike is designed to be practical, functional, and provide the most cost-effective solution for daily or recreational cycling. EARTH electric bicycles in Australia are a fusion of innovative technology and the latest design trend and offer you the best solution to enjoy a smooth ride. By choosing our green bikes you are also contributing your bit to the environment. 

Features of EARTH electric bikes in Australia:


We offer the best products in terms of style and design. You have wide options to choose from and we are constantly researching and innovating to provide you with the best electric bikes. We strive hard to develop electric bikes with the latest components and systems that will provide reliable service for years to come.


EARTH electric bikes are designed using the most advanced solutions in e-bike technology.

Our EARTH Trex ATM mid-drive system is developed in conjunction with a German supplier. EARTH ATM Drive System are more powerful at 85N.m, quieter, and more efficient to tackle all terrain that you can think of.


Best of all our bikes are created in a manner that ensures less electric wiring and cabling parts as compared to other e-bikes. As a result, the servicing required to electric parts is minimal and you will be able to enjoy long uninterrupted rides.


Our goal is to provide the best ebike to our customers. All EARTH ebikes go through rigorous manufacturing processes to comply with EN15194 standards. Advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology are the prime features of Earth electric bikes in Australia. Whether you are looking for electric bikes in Melbourne or electric bikes in Brisbaneelectric bike SydneyPerth electric bike or Adelaide, you can check out our range of bikes.


Do you wish to be a part of the electric bike revolution? Join us in our endeavor to build a greener planet. We are looking out for more stockists in each state for our EARTH electric bikes. If interested, do get in touch with us to know more about being an EARTH electric bike dealer.

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