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Product Warranty & Conditions

As the manufacturer of EARTH electric bikes, we warrant against possible manufacturing defects providing the following conditions are satisfied:

Warranty on all EARTH electric bikes;

  • 2 Years Frame only
  • 1 Year Warranty on all moving parts, mechanical and electrical parts ie Display, and charger.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Motor and battery. ( Extend by another Year by registering your EARTH ebike ) 

**Note: For EMTB models, the warranty is 1 Year on all parts, electrical parts, motor, and battery pack.

*** Note: For Commercial Use, the warranty is 6 months on all parts, electrical parts, motor, and battery pack.


Warranty Does Not Cover or Apply to the following;

When the bicycle is used negligently or results in damage due to a traffic accident.

Top Speed is not covered under warranty, if your electric bike does not reach estimated top speeds, this is not covered under warranty.

If your electric bike does not reach the factory estimated distance advertised, and can vary depending on how you use the electric bike and the total weight carried, this is not covered under warranty.

All batteries will and do lose capacity over time, capacity loss is not covered under warranty. ( If the battery unit is used incorrectly or seal tampered with, this will void your battery warranty). Others that are not covered under warranty for battery are; If you have not charged your battery regularly, left your battery sitting unused for over more than 3 months, If you damaged your charger or battery by incorrect use.

When your battery starts to lose capacity and runs for less distance, this is not covered under warranty.

Damage due to normal wear and tear and maintenance. Parts that are not covered under warranty under normal wear and tear include; tires, tubes, brakes, brake pads, derailleur and gear adjustments, tightening on all nuts, spokes, bottom bracket, chain and general adjustments (Please have your bike service regularly by a bicycle mechanic ).

Rust and corrosion on bike is not covered under warranty.

Any modifications to the bicycle and components and electrical components will void your warranty.

Damage due to external causes will not be covered under warranty.

Any minor scratches, marks or imperfections will not be covered.

Any use of the bicycle as or for hire, or used for commercial will void the warranty.

EARTH electric bike will only provide the spare replacement parts only under warranty period and not the above. Parts will be replaced or by similar if original parts is not available. Repairs that have not been approved by EARTH electric bikes will not be covered.

Original defective parts that are sent to our EARTH electric bikes nominated service centre’s for assessment will be replaced by the same or similar part.

Warranty and Repair Claim

For all EARTH electric bike product that needs repair and is covered under the Warranty Conditions period, you the customer will need to produce the proof of purchase document as warranty. Warranty cover is only valid to the original purchaser and not transferable to any or another customers. Please contact us for a warranty claim form which must be submitted if the product is purchased online. For all warranty claims purchased via our EARTH electric bike dealers, please contact them directly. Warranty is not covered by other EARTH electric bike dealer, only from the original store you purchased your bike from.

If you placed your order online, phone, or directly from EARTH electric bikes, your warranty is only covered by EARTH electric bikes direct, and not any of our dealers. The cost of sending and return of your EARTH electric bike to any of our dealer/service center is at the customers expense.

Other Repairs

All EARTH electric bike repairs not under warranty can also be repaired at our service centre’s at the customers cost.

EARTH Electric bikes carry all spare parts on all our current and past models. Should you wish to purchase any EARTH electric bike parts, please contact your nearest EARTH electric bikes dealer or email us direct at

Intellectual Property

All Intellectual Property Material on our EARTH electric bikes website is the property of EARTH electric bikes. You may not reproduce, adapt, modify, display, perform or distribute or any part of any material. All contents on our website are original and should you have any concern in relation to any wording or in relation to your website, please contact us directly via phone or email.

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