Introducing the EARTH T-REX 650B-SP Trekking Edition – a fusion of form and function in the realm of electric bicycles. Beyond its eye-catching aesthetics, this electric trekking commuter ebike redefines luxury with an array of premium upgrades that cater to both practicality and indulgence.
Crafted with meticulous German design sensibilities and driven by the cutting-edge EARTH crank mid-drive 100 N.m e-bike technology, the TREX 650B SP Trekking Edition takes a leap forward. Embracing the pinnacle of innovation, it now boasts the robust EARTH 48V 100 N.m mid-mount Drive motor, engineered to deliver formidable torque for conquering even the most challenging terrains with ease.
The EARTH TREX 650B SP Trekking Edition stands out with its superior components sourced from renowned brands. Equipped with Schwalbe Moto X Puncture resistence 2.35-inch tires, a rear rack, front and rear mudguards, LED front and rear lights, and an adjustable stem, it’s primed for a seamless journey. The heart of this powerhouse is its colossal 48V 600WH Samsung lithium-ion battery power pack, setting new benchmarks for e-bike endurance. For those seeking unparalleled longevity, the option to integrate an additional external battery pack is at your disposal, cementing its position as one of the highest-capacity e-bikes available in Australia.
Emphasizing security and aesthetics, the EARTH T-rex electric bikes embrace a fully integrated down tube battery design. This not only shields the battery and wires from potential harm but also deters theft, ensuring your investment remains safeguarded.
Stay connected and informed with the latest advancement – our range of EARTH electric bikes now offer optional GPS tracking. This feature empowers you with real-time location insights, adding an extra layer of security to your ventures. As you ride into the future, let the EARTH T-REX 650B-SP Trekking Edition redefine your journey with its seamless blend of sophistication and performance