NEW EARTH T-REX hardtails are more than just a good-looking electric mountain ebike.

German design with advanced and latest EARTH crank mid-drive e-bike technology, the new TREX eMTB 48V 100N.m Crank Drive hardtail is an’ all terrain go anywhere “ E-MTB electric bicycle.

EARTH TREX 27.5 & 29 inch SP EMTB features include quality brand bike components and are powered by NEW EARTH’s own Crank Drive 48V 100 N.m mid-mount motor and massive 48V 600WH lithium-ion battery power pack, one of the largest battery capacities of any branded e-bikes in Australia.

Here are some of the features of our Trex electric mountain bike;

Versatility: our Trex emtb hardtail bikes are described as an “all-terrain go anywhere” type of ebicycle. This means they are not only suitable for paved roads, but also for various off-road conditions like trails, dirt roads, and rocky terrains.

Advanced Technology: feature the latest Earth 48V crank mid-drive e-bike technology, providing a 100n.m powerful and efficient motor system.

Large Battery Capacity: a 48V 600WH lithium-ion battery power pack, which is among the largest battery capacities for any branded e-bikes in Australia. This means a longer range and more power for climbing steep hills.

Integrated Battery Design: The bikes come with a fully integrated down-tube internal removable battery. This design protects the battery and wires from damage and theft, adding an extra layer of security and durability.

Optional APPLE Tag Tracking: Apple tag GPS tracking is available for these bikes, which could be useful for navigation, tracking your rides, or locating the bike if it’s stolen.

Quality Components: our Trex emtb are equipped with high-quality components such as a plush Selle Royal saddle, heavy-duty lockout suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano 9-speed gears. These features can enhance riding comfort, safety, and performance.

Value for Money: Considering the advanced features and quality components, these electric mountain bikes can offer good value for both on-road and off-road biking